Practical advice for grassland management

The crop need nutrients, either in the form of manure or fertilizer. Also, it is important to add the nutrients early in the spring, to get the full effect. If you spread manure, it is important to have it in place before the grass begin to grow to prevent contamination. If manure is in the crop, it will increase the risk of a poor silage process and increase the risk of Clostridia in the silage.

Following practical guidelines will help you manage grass silage:
• Clean the bunker silo and repair paint or concreate damages. Get started early! 
• Order ProMyrTM early, to get the best price and make sure you have enough, for when it is time to start.
• Test equipment and make sure that everything works, repair if necessary.
• Follow the forecast of protein/energy level in the crop. Complement with one or several analyzes from your own farm. Decide what level you want and be ready to cut, when the analysis are in perfect mode.
• Cut the grass after lunch to approximately about 9 PM, when the sugar content is high and have a quick wilting at the field before chopping. Have a goal for  about 35% dry matter content.
• Cover the silo walls with plastic folio.
• Chop the crop well and add ProMyrTM do not forget to check continuously the amount of product, to get the right dosage.
• Place a thin layer in the bunker silo and pack it well. Remember to avoid contact with soil. The most important work is to spread the grass well and pack it to avoid air/oxygen in the final pile.
• Pack extra before you cover the silo with plastic folio and cover it with protective nets and silo sacks.
• Wait at least 6 weeks before opening, to be sure that the fermentation process has finished.

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 Covering bunker silo