How to apply ProMyr™ to the silage

Animal Nutrition, Silage
9 March 2017

For a good result when you add additive to your silage is to be sure that you have as less losses as possible. Next important thing is that you have the right amount of additive for the best in both financial and effect of the product.

1. Place the nozzle as early as possible, best place is in the inlet channel with a solid jet.
2. Use a flowmeter, to be sure of the amount of product. Analog or digital.
3. Measure/way the wagon so you know how many kg of forage you have.
4. Control regular so the amount of product fit with amount of forage.
5. Use automatic start and stop when loading the wagon or not.
6. Never place the nozzle in the airstream or chute, top flap. This is where the losses are incredible high.

For more information: contact Clipton the expert on equipment for best result adding silage additives.


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