Perstorp offers new alternatives for effective grain preservation and improved animal health

Perstorp works constantly in a sustainable way to improve animal feed quality, animal health and profitability to strengthen farm production and competitiveness. On the Swedish market, ProMyrTM has established a strong reputation as a well-known silage product. At the Borgeby Fältdagar agricultural fair in Sweden on June 25-26 Perstorp will launch two new products on the Swedish market: ProPhorce™ SR and ProSid™ MI 700.

Growing global demand for protein, stricter requirements for effective and safer handling of livestock and the increasingly sophisticated nature of modern farming, all mean that the agricultural sector must innovate constantly. Perstorp strives continually to develop sustainable solutions that secure high quality of animal feed additives. The result is better absorption of nutrition, a more cost-effective utilization of feed, higher profitability, better animal health and safer storage.

“Swedish farms are at the cutting edge of development and our aim is to make farming even more efficient with our innovative products, says Patricia Oddshammar, VP BU Feed & Food . Sweden is a pioneer in animal health, so this is an area where we really want to make a contribution. The two new products we are launching at the Borgeby Fältdagar agricultural fair, ProPhorce™ SR and ProSid™ MI 700, have been well received in other countries. We have seen highly positive effects from using ProSid™ MI 700 and we have great successes with ProPhorce™ SR at markets that invest in the poultry and pig industry.”

ProSid™ MI 700 - safe long-term storage of feed grain
ProSid™ MI 700 is a feed additive with a long-term preservative effect that lasts throughout the storage period due to lower evaporation of the additive (compared with, for example, propionic acid). The concentrated product prevents harmful microbiological activity and maintains high forage quality during storage. ProSid™ MI 700 is active both in the feed and in the animal's digestive system.
Other benefits of ProSid™ MI 700 are that the product is not classified as corrosive and not classed as dangerous goods. This enables safer and easier handling.

ProPhorce™ SR - for better intestinal health of monogastric species
Also now being launched on the Swedish market is ProPhorce™ SR, a feed additive that improves the intestinal health of monogastric species (pigs and chickens) by discouraging unwanted microbiological growth. Thanks to a unique slow-release function, the active substance is secreted in the intestinal tract and not in the stomach, causing balanced intestinal flora and obtaining the correct pH level. This helps prevent common gastrointestinal diseases and optimizes animal nutrition.

ProPhorce™ SR is a rare odorless butyric acid product, which is a major handling advantage. The innovative solution is based on mixing the butyric acid with glycerol, which means that the smell is reduced to virtually zero. The product is available in liquid and dry form and can be mixed in drinking water or feed.

Discuss sustainable and competitive agriculture in Borgeby Fältdagar
Perstorp will be at the Borgeby Fältdagar agricultural fair on June 25-26 in the big tent at the main entrance at booth S1. We will be presenting both our established and recently launched products, and there will be an opportunity to discuss silage, grain preservation and animal health with Perstorp's experts.

Perstorp is also arranging breakfast seminars in the seminar tent "Axet", at 9 a.m. on both days. Look forward to seeing you!