Taking a bold Pro-Environmental step forward

Our ambition is to become Finite Material Neutral. It is bold, and we are humble about it, but we simply have to do it. Finite materials are resources that cannot be created or produced, once the original stores are depleted, or those that are used up at a faster rate than nature can replenish them.

Becoming Finite Material Neutral means switching to alternative resources that are abundant and/or renewable, or to close the loops in order to recycle those that are finite. It’s a challenging but exciting journey we have ahead of us. To reach our ambition, we need to partner up with likeminded people in our value chains and around us; we see partnerships as a key enabler.

Do the right things. And doing things right.

Do the right things and doing things right is what our Sustainability Strategy is all about. Regarding Finite Material Neutral, this means that all energy, raw material and other resources that we use in, or which flow through our business will be part of closed systems that are renewable, recyclable or re-useable.

A great example of doing the right thing is how we currently produce our renewable products based on a mass-balance concept, which is independently certified by ISCC. Not just the pro-environment products but the entire mass-balance processing system is certified with full traceability and transparency. With doing the right thing, we also mean each step we take must contribute to the achievement of the global goals for the sustainable development of our products too.  By doing things right we mean our corporate responsibility, to ensure health and safety for employees, preventing corruption and complying with human and labour rights. 

Taking a holistic approach to business and the environment

As we strive towards our ambition to become Finite Material Neutral – we must always consider the impact our business has on people and the environment.  As we develop our products and the processes at our sites, we work with continuous improvement and alongside occupational health and safety to ensure our operations are always safe.

On a global basis, we conduct business to a high ethical standard and strive to combat corruption in all its forms, and we ask our suppliers to do the same. Finally, we work to protect people and society by addressing any social risks in our supply chain. This is what we mean by doing things right.

Making Finite Material Neutral a reality

We have identified six strategic areas to move us along the Finite Material Neutral path:

  1. Sourcing of future raw materials from waste and renewables 
  2. Inventing new pro-environment solutions such as Evyron™, Neeture™ and Voxtar™
  3. Mass-balance concept with third-party certification by ISCC 
  4. Closing the loops and reducing product end-of-life environmental impact 
  5. Actively supporting companies and customers engaged in sustainable development 
  6. Engaging in partnerships when relevant to our Finite Material Neutral goal  

These strategic areas will not only contribute to significantly lowering environmental impact, but also give our customers a competitive edge going forward in meeting the global need for greater sustainability and lower emissions.

Focus Areas

towards Finite Material Neutral

Raw material - Energy - Water - Waste - Catalysts

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