Traceable Mass Balance

When mass balance methodologies are applied, in our view it is crucial that they are credible and drive real change and development of new raw materials and production processes. That is why we, together with other companies and stakeholders, have developed a few principles for using a mass balance that applies transparency and traceability. We call this Traceable Mass Balance.

Traceable Mass Balance acknowledges the basic principles of mass balance but applies Chemical and Physical traceability. Applying chemical and physical traceability means that it is possible to find recycled or renewable material in the product and that the real transition of that product is gradually taking place from fossil to fully recycled and/or renewable.

What does Chemical traceability mean?

  • There must be a proven route to produce the product from the recycled/renewable raw materials chosen. This means only the raw materials used to make the product can be used to enable the shift.
  • The recycled/renewable raw material can only replace its own part/share of the product.

What does Physical traceability mean?

  • A production process exists within the site for producing the product from the recycled/renewable raw material(s). 
  • The recycled/renewable raw materials have to be shipped to and used at the production site producing the recycled/renewable product. This means a producer cannot transfer recycled/renewable credits from one site to another.
By applying Traceable Mass Balance, we ensure transparent and traceable processes verified by third party certification (ISCC – International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) and that a gradual shift from fossil to fully recycled and/or renewable feedstock is taking place for that actual product.

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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