Enabling sustainable solutions everywhere

The chemical industry is present everywhere. In fact, 96 percent of all manufactured goods rely on chemical products. This means that we have the opportunity to make a great positive impact; by driving change, transforming our production and enable new solutions that will help industries and products everywhere become more sustainable. We are fully committed to do so and to always act respectfully with regards to people, environment and society.

Our approach to sustainability

Being a sustainable solutions provider is part of our corporate missions and thereby at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. It is important because we have a large impact, and the possibility to make and enable great positive change. It is rooted both in our values and in an insight of how we, as a global chemical company, effect the world.

With this in mind, we have developed an approach and action plan to act respectfully in all situations, reduce our own environmental impact and to provide solutions for a sustainable transition everywhere.

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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Image of sustainability pillars enable transform and care

Care – Act respectfully in all situations

We are an industry where accidents can have severe consequences and where our business and decisions impact many. Therefor health and safety is a top priority, and acting respectfully and fair with regards to people, environment and society is deeply rooted in our values and how we do business. This is applied by working with health & safety, responsible sourcing, ethical business practices, product stewardship and equality.

Transform - Reducing our own environmental impact

The chemical industry has a large environmental footprint and therefor transforming our industry will have a great impact. It is our responsibility and a prerequisite for long-term survival. We are setting ambitious goals and working to reduce our footprint when it comes to raw materials, energy, CO2, waste, water, scarce metals/minerals and (Eco) Toxic environment.

Enable - Providing solutions for sustainable transition everywhere

Our products are used by and needed for the transition of most other industries and end products. This gives us the opportunity to drive change within the entire global value chains, by enabling new sustainable solutions. Examples of how this is accomplished is our expanding Pro-Environment product portfolio reducing CO2 emissions and shifting to sustainable materials, but also by the sustainability contribution that our products enable like e.g. longer durability, recyclability and substitution of toxic substances.