Costs & investments

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones
Environment & Sustainability Manager
+1 419 392 2499

Environmental & working environment costs

In 2014, the Group's environmental and working environment-related costs amounted to SEK 81.9 (66.5 in 2013) million, corresponding to 0.7% (0.7% in 2013) of net sales.

Costs for waste disposal amounted to SEK 13.4 (10.8 in 2013) million. During the year, the Group spent approximately SEK 27.1 (20.7 in 2013) million on wastewater treatment and around SEK 32.7.9 (24.9 in 2013) million on environmental administration.

These administrative costs include costs for environmental staff, maintenance of environmental management systems and external consultancy.

Investments in environment, health & safety

Total investments in the environment, health and safety amounted to SEK 54.3 million in 2014 (85.9 in 2013). This amounts to 6.5% (12.4% in 2013) of the Group's total investments. It should be pointed out that in 2014, Perstorp made the largest investment in its history>>

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