About Holtac

Holtac™ micronized polyols for Ca/Zn stabilizer systems Holtac™ is Perstorp’s polyol offer for lead-free PVC. It is a cutting-edge environmentally friendly building block for Ca/Zn stabilizers that helps achieve the desired processing properties and heat resistance required by a top performing PVC stabilizer.

When PVC compounds are processed, high temperatures affect the color of the compound through degradation and cause yellowing. Heat stabilizers counteract the degradation and yellowing of PVC compounds. With Holtac™ as co-stabilizer you have a precise polyol that secures high performance PVC processing, while at the same time being a sustainable choice replacing harmful lead-based alternatives.

To meet growing demand, we have developed a new polyol that is the result of innovative Perstorp technology. The new Holtac Poly is based on a mixture of polymers, with possibilities for further modification to match specific needs and applications. All in all, it is a new winning formula from Perstorp developed to suit your business.

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