Our story

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals innovators, we know little things make a powerful difference. Using nature’s tiniest building blocks, we can help advance everyday life – making it safer, more convenient and more environmentally sound for billions of people all over the world.

One molecule can change everything

Building on 140 years of experience, Perstorp is privileged to provide essential properties for products in pockets, homes, offices and communities all over our planet.  You’ll find us everywhere from your mobile phone to the local dairy farm, representing a complete chain of solutions in organic chemistry, process technology and application development leading high-growth niches such as powder and UV-cured coatings, plasticizers, synthetic lubricants, grain preservation and animal gut health.

Our mission is clear

“We are the sustainable solutions provider, focusing on the global Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids, Advanced Materials and Animal Nutrition markets” 

Did you know?

Here are just a few of the things we’re up to that get us excited to go to work each day.

  • Producing a phthalate-free plasticizer, with unbeatable softness, to help PVC manufacturers meet the needs of people and planet
  • Creating ingredients for making screens on smart phones and tablets scratch-free
  • Helping make car interiors fresh and durable without affecting the environment or your health
  • Developing outstanding wood and steel protection properties for alkyds as the sustainable coatings choice of the future
  • Making steel constructions, such as high-rise buildings, more fire resistant with a coating that swells into protective foam in case of high temperatures
  • Innovating polyols and acids that are key to the transition to environmentally friendly Air Conditioning systems
  • Reducing the waste of grains and animal feed through reliable preservation
  • Improving gut health and performance
  • Help to keep feed nutritious and safe from enteros, mycotoxins, molds and yeasts

Cecilia Svensson

EVP Communications & Sustainable Transformation

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Our innovations provide essential properties for products used every day at home and at work.

You’ll find us everywhere from your car and mobile phone to towering wind turbines and the local dairy farm. Yes, Perstorp is truly everywhere.