What is chemistry?

Although the modern science of chemistry did not emerge until the 16th century, humans have engaged in chemistry for much longer than recorded history. After all – human beings along with all other beings are chemistry.

Chemistry is everywhere

In modern times, chemistry has enabled us to live longer, healthier and richer lives than in previous centuries. We may not think about it all the time but our breakfast bread, the screen we work in front of and the fabrics in the sheets we sleep on at night would all be impossible to produce were it not for chemistry. Both in our daily lives and in the complex processes of modern industrial plants and high-tech companies, chemistry is ever present. And so is Perstorp

A world where humans do not engage in chemistry is inconceivable. Since chemistry is so intimately linked to progress, science and civilization, we must however make sure that we handle the power it gives us in a responsible and sustainable way.

Chemistry is part of the solution

When chemicals are discussed today, it is very often in the context of their negative impact on the environment or health issues. The microplastics in the oceans or harmful substances used in agriculture or as food additives are indeed concerns. But while there are certain chemicals that in the wrong place become harmful, there are as many where they are beneficial, and even critical for our societies.

Thanks to chemistry, the air and water in many European cities is cleaner today than 100 years ago. The ozone layer is healing and as we begin to tackle the great challenge of climate change, chemistry will play a key role. This highlights a very important fact about chemistry – the solution to a chemical problem is quite often other – “better” and more sustainable – chemicals.

Perstorp and our products aim to leverage the possibilities unlocked by the rapid and very exciting progress of chemistry in the future. Thoughtful chemistry is Perstorp's pathway to creating sustainable value. Using our expertise in chemistry and engineering, we transform basic materials into high-value products that give our customers a competitive edge.

Images of chemistry applications

Reaching further tomorrow

Perstorp's products and solutions advance everyday life almost everywhere; in the pockets, homes, offices and communities of practically every human being on the planet. Among many things we:

  • improve energy efficiency in refrigerators
  • enable coatings without solvents
  • support animal health and welfare
  • make paint dry faster
  • make cables softer and more durable

All of these things, we are finding ways to do in more sustainable ways.

We focus our innovation on real societal needs. Many of our products are needed for a more sustainable society, with demographic changes, urbanization and the need to combat climate change.