Preparing for Brexit

We are carefully following the development of UK's anticipated exit from the European Union (March 29, 2019) together with our affiliates. Considering there is a risk for what is called a “Hard Brexit”, Perstorp has appointed internal working groups within different functions of the organisation, in order to assess the potential consequences of such a scenario and what appropriate actions need to be taken in order to secure the business going forward. Initially we have identified two areas, regulation and continued trade. Perstorp takes the view that there is likely an agreement before end of March in one of the below categories:

Regulation (REACH)

For REACH, Perstorp UK ltd have started the process of appointing an Only Representative within the EEA. This will ensure continued REACH registration of products and our ability to maintain product compliance within the EU.

Continued trade

The second possible impact of a hard Brexit would be to create a delay in customs clearance at ports and borders, interrupting the transport of goods. We are committed to working with suppliers and its transportation partners to mitigate any delay in production and delivery of finished goods. The working group has concluded that one of the ways of achieving this will be to arrange additional storage of finished product in strategic locations. However, please be aware that there is a practical limit to this and Perstorp cannot guarantee supplies in such an event. Should you consider the need to build safety stock yourselves in advance in order to mitigate that risk then please get in touch with us and we will support you in that.

For detailed information please check the following documents:

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Perstorp Brexit information