Pro-Environment Polyols, certified and award winning

During 2017 Perstorp announced that all three essential polyols - Penta, TMP & Neo - now come in renewable grades. With these products, we are supporting the circular economy and the shift towards raw material derived from renewables and waste sources. For example, instead of using fossil natural gas as a raw material for Evyron™ and Neeture™ we are using biogas produced locally from waste. In 2010 we were the first company in the world to launch a renewable Penta called Voxtar™. Today it comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades, and can reduce the carbon footprint by 60-80%. Evyron™ and Neeture™ come in partly renewable grades, 20-50%, and reduce the carbon footprint by 40-60%. All our pro-environment polyols – Evyron™, Neeture™, Voxtar™ – are certified by third-party ISCC and come with a Proof of Sustainability which confirms your contribution to sustainable sourcing according to a mass balance system. 

During 2018 our Pro-Environment Polylos got the Product Leadership award from Frost & Sullivan, another proud moment for us. 

Find out more about our Pro-Environment Polyol portfoloio here >>


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