Responsible Care policy

Ad Vos
Ad Vos
Vice President
Responsible Care

Perstorp embraces Responsible Care>> and is committed to behave in a manner consistent with our Code of Conduct wherever we do business. Our vision is to actively and continually improve our products and business practices in order to uphold the highest standard of respect for the environment, the rights of people, ethical behaviors and transparency.

We pledge to provide a work environment where the safety and health of employees, contractors and the local community are our highest priority. We shall prevent incidents, injuries and ill health through risk assessments, preventive measures, long-term technical planning, hazard reduction and safe design. We shall prepare for emergencies to minimize risks to people, the environment and our customers.  The wellbeing of all our stakeholders will be an important factor in our decision-making.

Perstorp continues to develop products with improved environmental characteristics, reduced resource consumption and safe end-uses by our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. We support the value chain with accurate, up-to-date information concerning our products’ physical, chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological properties. We strive to prevent pollution within our own sites and throughout our supply chain.

Ethical behavior
Perstorp holds each employee to a high standard of behavior toward each other and toward all our stakeholders.  We set an example for our peers and competitors alike by meeting standards more stringent than our legal requirements.  We reject all forms of corruption, conflict of interest and discrimination.  We stand determined to uphold our integrity and fairness in all transactions and contracts.  We support sustainable relationships and truthfulness in all our communications with the greater society.

Perstorp is committed to timely, clear, accurate and complete communication with all of our stakeholders.  This includes authorities, customers, investors, suppliers and members of the communities in which we operate.

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