Products & environment

Resource management

Perstorp’s products and production processes are designed so that energy and raw materials are used in a resource-efficient way and that waste and residual products are minimized.

New products & processes

Environmental, health and safety aspects must always be considered during the development of new products and processes. Perstorp shall always provide updated information on products’ possible effects on health and the environment.

Precautionary principle

Perstorp applies the precautionary principle by striving to avoid materials and methods that can constitute an environmental or health risk when good alternatives are available. It is Perstorp’s responsibility to supply customers/business partners with relevant information on how products may/should be used and how, and for what, they should not be used. Perstorp’s products shall live up to the agreed and legal norms, and be labelled with health warnings and product safety and information markings.

Environmental reporting

Perstorp regularly examines, follows up and reports environmental impact, with special emphasis on evaluating the potential risks of current and future products and operations. Perstorp works constantly to reduce negative effects on the environment in accordance with the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

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