Ad Vos
Ad Vos
Vice President
Responsible Care

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Responsibility is one of Perstorp's core values and it permeates everything we do. Perstorp's Code of Conduct is the most important policy document with respect to social responsibility. It covers four areas – Business Principles, Products & Environment, Working Conditions and Human Rights. Particular attention is paid to rules on competition law within the EU, as there is a lot of work going on in cooperation with competitors in the framework of the REACH legislation on chemicals.

Perstorp Group pursues to differentiate not only by the unique products they produce, but also by how these products and services are having less impact on the environment and its resources during their entire life cycle.

The development of a Responsible Care group early 2014 is a natural next step in fulfilling the ambition to take responsibility of the full product life cycle - from raw material production, up to and including the end use and end of life time of the product. The traditional Environment, Health and Safety Management scope has therefore been transferred into a full Responsible Care scope with the following developed and staffed groups:

- Product Stewardship
- Environment & Sustainability
- Process Safety
- Occupational Health & Safety
- Governance & Incident Management

This organization will provide adequate focus on topics related to Responsible Care, inside and outside of Perstorp, during the full product life cycle. It will help to create sufficient guidance, collaboration and momentum throughout the Perstorp Group, our suppliers and customers while making optimum use of the local talents and specialist to achieve recognizable and valued continuous improvements.

Perstorp Responsibility

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