Winning more time for people and structures in case of fire

Insulating key infrastructure, reducing smoke and its toxicity, providing more time for people to evacuate safely, and to protect property are essential selection criteria for intumescent coatings. Our Charmor™ range of intumescent carbon donors provide superior charring performance for waterborne and solvent-borne coatings both indoors and outdoors. They also provide the opportunity to produce thinner coatings to reduce cost and weight without compromising safety. 

Superior char performance, thinner layers and secure supply partner

Charmor’s use in intumescent coatings provides the vital extra time needed to save people and buildings. Given the construction boom in certain areas in the world, particularly Asia-Pacific, and to meet legislation requirements on a global basis, it is even more critical to use the most effective and reliable intumescent coatings. As a reliable strategic partner, we can provide a secure, customized supply service and short lead times as well as helping you to reduce development costs and speed up the time to market of new formulations. Our expanded service offer is designed to support you on every step of your journey from initial insights and innovation, to sustainability support and logistics with secure supply.

Small, precisely milled and mixed products are vital to the development of superior intumescent coatings with excellent char properties. We can guarantee the quality of our high purity micronized products as we are the only supplier to mill them in-house. Charmor’s excellent char volume and insulation allow you to develop lighter-weight, thinner and easier to apply coating solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

A sustainable alternative for intumescent coating

You can differentiate your intumescent coating offer further by using Charmor™ Pro, an intumescent carbon donor offering the exact same high quality and technical properties as our standard Charmor™. Based on the mass balance concept, Charmor™ Pro is designed to reduce the carbon footprint and support sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material.