Pro Environment Polyols

As a world leader in innovative in Pro-Environment Polyols for resins, coatings, and synthetic lubricants, we have a broad and unique portfolio of renewable products. Since 2010 we have introduced renewable versions of three essential polyols: Pentaerythritol, Trimethylolpropane and Neopentyl Glycol. These three renewable product families are what we call Pro-Environment Polyols.

Renewable polyols supporting the circular economy

Perstorp's renewable polyols support the circular economy and the shift towards raw material derived from renewables and waste sources. For example, instead of using fossil natural gas as raw material, we use locally produced biogas from waste.

Base polyols reducing the carbon footprint

  • Renewable Penta - Voxtar™ - comes in 40-100% renewable grades, reducing the carbon footprint by 60-80%
  • Renewable TMP and Neo - Evyron™ and Neeture™ - comes in partly renewable grades, 20-50%, reducing the carbon footprint by 40-60%

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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Mass balance

An ingenious concept

The Mass balance concept allows the chemical industry to switch to renewable raw material in easy steps. We believe mass balance is a necessary strategy and intermediary step allowing industry to make the switch from fossil to renewable and recycled resources.