Additives for lead-free PVC heat stabilizers and for intumescent plastics

Perstorp’s range of polymer additives includes products for lead-free Ca/Zn PVC heat stabilizers, and components for non-halogen intumescent systems for plastics. 
Holtac™ - enables the manufacture of lead-free PVC heat-stabilizers without compromising performance, improves the lifelong color stability of PVC and supports the growth of efficient environmentally friendly products. As the fully integrated leading global producer of co-stabilizing polyols security, availability and consistent product quality are ensured. 

Charmor™ – is used in non-halogen flame retardant (intumescent) systems for plastics. 

Intumescent technology based on Charmor™ is compliant with the new plastic directive and retains the mechanical properties without adding weight. Charmor™ based systems offer cost efficient, safer, more sustainable alternatives to conventional flame retardants in polymers.  Through Charmor™ Perstorp has gained a leading position as supplier for intumescent systems within coatings. Charmor™ products are micronized or supermicronized for superior consistency and performance. Read more about Charmor™ and watch the movie >>

Performance advantages

  1. Ligth weight solutions and non-toxic
  2. Eliminating costs - consistent quality

Business advantages

  1. Environmental friendly solutions
  2. Customized global supply chain