Gastrivix™ Avi calculator

Gastrivix™ Avi is designed to supplement what the broiler needs to maintain gut health and helps to reach its genetic potential. Use this calculator to see how your profit can increase by using Gastrivix™ Avi.

Summary Report

Below you find your benefits report of using Gastrivix™ Avi*.

Return on investment


This is your return on investment



Potential average EPEF improvement with Gastrivix™ Avi**

Farmers income extra

104 109

This is the amount of extra income you could receive by using Gastrivix™ Avi*

* This is only for orientation purposes, and results may be different according to actual local conditions.
** Based on meta analysis averages of Gastrivix™ Avi Trials. Reports are available up on request.

1. Breed

Select the breed of your birds

2. Slaughter price

Add your birds average slaughter price in euro/kg.

3. Feed price

Specify the feed price in euro/kg (excl. Gastrivix™ Avi)

4. Flock size

Specify the flock size per cycle

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