Pathogenic pressure - Swine

Pathogens are a thorn in the side for anyone in animal production. They can reduce the animal’s performance and put food safety at risk. A pathogenic strike in finisher herds can be very unfortunate and extremely costly for the producer since some of the pathogens are known to cause sudden deaths among the animals just before slaughter. Trying to keep the use of antibiotics limited while under pathogenic pressure can make things even more challenging.

Where gut health improves the resilience against pathogenic threats, feed hygiene can help to prevent pathogens from ever being introduced. Read more about our Feed Hygiene offer >>

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Quantifying Salmonellosis

Food-borne zoonoses is one of the main issues for our industry. Salmonellosis is the most frequent one in that category. Read just how much of an impact Salmonellosis has in this article >>
ProPhorce SA for Feed Hygiene

The art of feed hygiene

Healthy and safe feed is essential for healthy and safe food. An efficient feed hygiene system will minimize the risk of pathogenic bacterial contamination of feed. Read the article >>
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Causes for foul smelling feces

Animal feces can say a lot about its health. How often they go, and how much waste they expel, can indicate the general digestive health. READ the full article >>
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