Perstorp strengthens the portfolio with Isononanoic Acid

Specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp expands its value proposition for it´s selected segments Engineered Fluids and Resins & Coatings with the addition of Isononanoic Acid to the portfolio.

Isononanoic Acid is a critical carboxylic acid used in polyol ester synthetic lubricants, as corrosion inhibitor in coolants, and also in alkyd resins and paint driers. With this new launch, Perstorp will provide additional supply especially for applications where Isononanoic Acid contributes with unique and critical properties. Highlighted benefits are consistent high quality and purity for advanced performance formulation. It’s unique branched structure provides both stability and compatibility with today’s and next generation refrigeration gases.

The introduction of Isononanoic Acid is a natural step for us to provide a complete portfolio of high quality building blocks to our engineered fluids as well as resins and coatings customers. During the pre-marketing trials done by customers, the high quality and the minimal alterations to formulations has been confirmed. We are happy to expand our position further to be able to serve a strong demand from the market”, says Patrice Pinsard, Executive Vice President Strategic Markets & Innovation. 

Volkan Goren, Vice President Engineered Fluids explains, “Isononanoic Acid has proven to pave the way for next generation lubricants compatible with non-ozone depleting and low to no global warming potential refridgeration gases. Together with other essential polyols and carboxylic acids, Perstorp offers a complete portfolio to support the cooling industry continuously moving forward to sustainability.’’

Production will start in March 2022 at Perstorp site in Stenungsund, Sweden. Isononanoic Acid is available through Perstorp direct sales globally.


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