New plant for Sodium Formate Deicer Pergrip™

The new plant will be built to boost capacity of Sodium Formate based Pergrip™ Run NF ahead of winter 2019/20 and will optimize production costs and logistics, offering better service level.

Perstorp, a global leader in the specialty chemicals market, has announced a decision to construct a new plant in Perstorp, Sweden. The  plant will increase capacity for Pergrip™ Run NF, the Sodium Formate deicer product for runways. 

With its partner Dalshult, Perstorp has agreed to construct the plant to granulate solid Sodium Formate Deicer. The new plant is a large investment and will increase availability and security of supply for Pergrip Run NF, the deicer of choice for many leading airports in Europe,thanks to its high performance and reduced impact on the environment. Pergrip™ has by far the lowest carbon footprint versus comparative deicers and a low chemical oxygen demand (COD). This applies less stress to runoff wastewater from run and taxi ways, resulting in reduced water contamination and in less water treatment being required. This is important in helping to meet  the growing demand from airports and cities for better environmental performance. 

“Until now we have been sourcing the granulates from multiple-purpose compactors which has complicated the supply chain. This investment will help to streamline our operations. The plant, which will be based on state of the art technology, will have a name plate capacity of 12 kMT per year and is due to begin operating ahead of the coming winter season (2019/2020),” said Niklas Backman, Perstorp Supply Chain Manager. 

The new plant will become part of a specialized runway deicer supply chain, aiming to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of runways in even the harshest conditions.

Erik Himmer, Business Development Director, Deicer, said “When it comes to the challenge of keeping airports open even during prolonged winter conditions, the ability of the runway deicer to deliver is key. By being integrated all the way from Formate production to granulation, we’ll be able to offer our customers an even better level of service. This investment is also an important step in our work to establish Formate as a better choice from an environmental perspective for deicers in non-runway applications, compared to existing chloride-based alternatives.” 

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Business Development Manager

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