Perstorp signs exclusive distribution agreement with Megavet for the UAE and Oman

We are pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Megavet. The company will be responsible for marketing, distribution and sales of our range of animal nutrition solutions for gut health and water treatment in the UAE and Oman.

The available portfolio includes ProPhorce™ SR 130, the original tributyrin solution to support gut health that is a safe, easy to handle and cost-efficient as well as Perstorp’s solutions designed specifically for optimal water treatment. 

The primary purpose of both companies is fully aligned by the focus of leading change that advances everyday life by customer focused innovations of products, processes and technology. “This valued partnership with joint commitment brings us closer to providing the Middle East market full access to Perstorp’s solutions for animal nutrition, which are known for innovativeness and exceptional quality. We believe that with this strong alliance we can help every producer in Oman and the UAE, big and small, to achieve excellence”, says Enrico Appiano, Senior Business Manager EMEA, Perstorp Animal Nutrition.

Megavet was established in the beginning of 2015 in the UAE with the mission of supporting customers to increase their animal production with reduced use of antibiotics. Over the last years, Megavet has expanded to more countries in the region following a growing demand for solutions that can support gut health. “For Megavet, this is an important partnership that will strengthen Perstorp’s and Megavet’s position as market leaders in gut health for the UAE and Oman thanks to our respected reputations, a specialized Animal Health team, and Perstorp’s innovative product portfolio. We are very excited about this new agreement.” Says Usama Khaled Managing Director of Megavet.

Ongoing investments at Perstorp’s Animal Nutrition production unit in the Netherlands will increase production capacity to meet the increased demand and shifting customer requirements. “With this increased production capacity and a much-improved technical ability to produce innovative, added value solutions, I am confident that we can take great steps with our business partner Megavet to coverage our product portfolio” says Enrico Appiano, Sales Manager EMEA, Perstorp Animal Nutrition.

Enrico Appiano from Perstorp left and Dr. Usama Khaled, Managing Director of Megavet (right)Enrico Appiano, Sr Business Manager Italy, CEE, Balkans, ME (left) and 
Dr. Usama Khaled, Managing Director of Megavet (right).


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