Product Basics: Voxtar™

Chemistry can easily become very technical, so can our business and products. Therefore, we are now introducing ‘Product Basics’ – a deep dive into selected products across market segments, explaining the basics of a product, its features and applications on a level that everyone can understand. We are kicking off the article series with Voxtar™ – the rock star of renewables.

When it comes to sustainability, being first movers is nothing new for us at Perstorp. Already back in 2010, we launched Voxtar™ – the world’s first renewable Penta (pentaerythritol).

Renewable Penta

Penta has a unique structure with four equally reactive primary hydroxyl groups in a symmetrical molecular structure. This makes Penta Mono a desirable base polyol and building block for a variety of applications such as resins, synthetic lubricants and antioxidants. Voxtar™ however is made from bio-based acetaldehyde and bio-based formaldehyde. It comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades, which can reduce carbon footprint with up to 75%, compared to conventional, fossil-based pentaerythritol products.

Just like Penta, the main application area for Voxtar™ is alkyd resins used in coatings, both for industrial wood and metal or architectural applications. With Voxtar™ technology, the renewable content of an alkyd resin can exceed 80%. Beyond coating, Voxtar™ can also replace Penta as a drop-in across applications such as synthetic lubricants, cosmetics and printing inks as a renewable alternative. 

The rock star of renewables

Based on the mass balance concept and certified by ISCC, Voxtar™ provides the same trusted efficiency, security, and high performance as fossil-based pentaerythritol products, but with the benefit of shrinking your carbon footprint significantly. With 10 years on the market, Voxtar™ truly is a legend and a rock star of renewables. 


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