Did you know that you can make paint from manure?

In our Pro-Environment portfolio, biogas from manure is used as raw material in chemical products used in paint. This reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to a circular economy.

When you think of biogas, you often think that it is something you use as vehicle fuel or for the production of heat and electricity, but biogas can also be used as a raw material in industrial manufacturing processes.

If instead of burning the biogas, we make use of it in a product, the lifespan will be longer. In this way, we lock carbon into products that may be used for 50 years, instead of burning it up as energy. One good example of how we are using waste as raw material to create sustainable products is by producing paint partly from manure. By doing this we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a circular economy. Learn how this is possible by watching the film. 

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