World Milk Day 2019

It is World Milk Day today! Since 2001 this day celebrates the indispensable role of milk in our society. Numerous fun activities are organized every year: from a milk bar in Belgium, a milk tasting in Germany to a real school party in Tanzania.

What is your milk moment?

In bed in the morning or in the evening in the chair, during a break at school or as a snack at work, before walking or just after cycling, on the road, ... Wherever you are or whatever you do: milk is good for every moment. Enjoy it cold or hot, add sweet or savory seasonings and get started.

Milk: not just a drink

Milk is not only delicious, it is above all a natural source of so many good things. Certainly if you stick to the recommended daily allowance and opt for variation: milk can also be buttermilk, yogurt and cheese etc.

A unique mix of nutrients

The unique composition of milk ensures that you enjoy the power of nature with every glass. It is also remarkable that the nutrients in milk work both separately and together. They reinforce each other in a favorable way. This intriguing phenomenon is known as the "matrix" effect. This implies that the use of milk and milk products in the recommended amount and as part of a healthy diet is more beneficial to you than taking the same different nutrients separately.

A tasty and natural drink

Milk is rich in calcium. That is known. And calcium is needed to maintain strong bones and teeth. But did you know that milk naturally contains many more essential nutrients that also contribute to good health? Proteins help maintain our bones and our muscle mass. Potassium contributes to the maintenance of good blood pressure and phosphorus supports a normal metabolism. Vitamin B12 plays a role in the immune system and vitamin B2 helps, among other things, against fatigue.

Perstorp’s part in the world of milk

To enable animals to produce healthy amounts of milk that is as nutritious as possible, supplying them with the highest possible quality feeds is paramount. This is where we can contribute. Our silage and TMR additives help to keep the feed for dairy cows nutritious and tasty. 

So let’s come together and celebrate world milk day like never before!


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Marketing Communications Manager Animal Nutrition

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