When curiosity pays off

Inquisitive farmers will always adapt to successful new solutions first. But sometimes it takes an eye-opening experience to get convinced. As happened with Mr. Schulze-Willbrenning, when he participated in a trial using ProSid™ MI 701.

A crop and pig farmer from Münsterland, Mr. Schulze-Willbrenning hasn’t looked back after participating in the trial where ProSid™ MI 701 was tested on efficacy in grain conservation. He once used propionic acid in its pure and unbuffered form. “I am not using that again. It is too corrosive to work with and harmful to my equipment” he states.

Though the efficacy is proven in the trial, it’s the practical advantages that mostly motivate Mr. Schulze-Willbrenning to continue to use ProSid™ MI 701. “My dosing screw and other equipment has a longer life span with this product, and working with it is much more pleasant than with propionic acid because that is very smelly and volatile” he concludes.

Farmer grain preservation

Thank you to  Mr. Schulze-Willbrenning for participating in this short interview and our distributor BUFA in Germany (www.buefa.de) for setting it up!