Valentine’s Day – Sharing our love for agriculture!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we find it appropriate to talk about what we love most about agriculture and how it actually relates to common Valentine’s Day plans.

For Valentine’s Day, usually you will be buying your loved one a box of his or her favorite chocolates, he/she will probably “surprise” you with flowers, and then you will go out for a nice romantic dinner where you will both enjoy your favorite restaurants dinner rolls, followed by a salad, and then onto the steak and potatoes, and then if you have room, you might splurge and get some dessert too. 

Did you realize it too? From the chocolates, to the dinner rolls, to the steak and potatoes, all of your plans for the day can be traced back to agriculture. Valentine’s Day is a special day to some, but not just the things you do on Valentine’s Day can be related back to agriculture. Everything you do, every day, can be traced back to agriculture, and it’s really interesting to think about. 

Everything you use in your life can be traced back to agriculture, and that fact is so often overlooked. So, thank a farmer for not only being able to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day with that special someone, but for being able to go out and live every day! Thank you on behalf of Perstorp!

Tony Toebak

Marketing Communications Manager Animal Nutrition

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