No Antibiotics Ever Webinar

Join our Sofia Rengman on September 17, 11:00 AM CET for the Pig Progress Webinar on ‘No Antibiotics Ever’.
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‘No Antibiotics Ever’ is a goal, an ideal. After all, working with livestock is always a matter of biology and nothing ever occurs exactly by the book. Should unexpected health problems occur, it is also a sign of good stockmanship and animal welfare to help the animals if a solution is available. ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ is challenging, but not impossible. It can be a guideline, a goal to achieve, by laying out the best production standards possible, by providing the best type of feeding optimized for performance and gut health, and by trying conscientiously to keep all pathogens out as much as possible.

Should you miss the live webinar, it will be possible to view the recording afterwards.

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