Interview with Jim Ren: "Improving the quality of feed is improving peoples lives"

Healthy animals are essential for the safety of our food and our health. Dr. Jim Ren, Vice President of Perstorp Animal Nutrition in Asia Pacific, says sustainable solutions for producing safe animal protein are most needed in Asia, since antibiotics are still often used in animal production. Being able to improve our health is what made the driven VP, who holds a Masters degree in Animal Nutrition and Feed Production and a PhD in Veterinary, choose for a career with Perstorp. ‘We can make a difference.’

Why did you want to work for Perstorp Animal Nutrition?
‘Because it is important to find sustainable solutions for ourselves and future generations. In Asia, antibiotic growth promotors (AGP) are often used in feed. By making feed additives for healthy breeding, Perstorp Animal Nutrition works on countering antibiotics resistance – one of greatest threats of our time. Great steps are still to be taken in Asia, since the use of AGP’s is still allowed or has only recently been banned in some Asian countries.’

Is being able to make a difference in your work important to you?
‘Yes, being able to make a difference is essential to me. By choosing for Perstorp Animal Nutrition, I can contribute to the quality of our everyday meal in Asia. By improving the quality of feed, Perstorp also improves the quality of our food. And with the increasing population, we need healthy meat for healthy growth more than ever!’

What do you do as a Vice President of Perstorp Animal Nutrition Asia Pacific?
‘I am responsible for elaborating and overviewing Perstorp’s ambitious Animal Nutrition strategy in Asia Pacific. In 2018, Perstorp committed to investing more than € 14 million in the Animal Nutrition business area. Satellite production in Asia will be built to ensure global availably of Perstorp’s innovative and sustainable feed additives. As a VP, I travel to China, India, Vietnam and other Asian countries to increase sales. And I am also recruiting talented people to build a strong team.’

What qualities do you need if you want to join the Asian Animal Nutrition team?
‘You need to be passionate – willing to improve the quality of meat with Perstorp’s solutions. And you need to be skilled of course. Knowing both English and other Asian languages are also important. I believe you need to be a local to really know the needs of your customers to offer them the specific solution they need.’

What makes Perstorp Animal Nutrition different from other companies that offer feed additives?
‘Perstorp is unique because of its high end research, more than 80 people in Perstorp work on innovation. The company’s Swedish roots are deeply felt – quality standards are high. It is not just about selling products, profound research is done to know how molecules work. We offer a very broad range of products & solutions: from providing raw materials to integrating specific custom made additives – possibilities are manifold. Working for a specialties company with such a solid chemical background opens up new horizons.’

Jim Ren

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