Infographic organic acids

Short-chain fatty acids are fatty acids with fewer than 6 carbon (C) atoms. These acids are used in many different markets. One of those markets is animal feed. The potential uses as forage, grain preservatives and livestock nutrition has been known for decades.

Natural byproducts of microbial fermentation as well as occurring naturally in plants and animals have been used for thousands of years as food preservatives. This is why the industry has found them a natural choice and the general public perceives them as acceptable for optimize animal productions. They also make a fundamental contribution to feed hygiene, as they suppress the growth of mold and bacterial pathogens. Thus allowing better use of feed resources.

To explain you a little more about the short chain fatty acids that are used most commonly in the nutrition world, we created an informative infographic to touch down all the short chain fatty acids, showing their natural resources, where they are most commonly used for in our business, and where they are produced over the world.

Download the infographic here

Short fatty acids infographic