How gut health impacts stool quality

Taking pathogenic bacteria out of the equation for a moment, visual analysis of stool can tell you a few simple things that are generically true for many species including humans, poultry and swine:

  • Overly dry stool has taken too long to pass. Increasing water intake might be a good idea.
  • Overly smelly stool could be a sign of a high protein diet. Proteins slow down the passage and consequently stools are in a further state of decomposition when exiting the body.
  • Watery stool can simply have something to do with what has been consumed earlier. Often however it means that your gut microbiome is not functioning properly.

Healthy gut bacteria help intestines to work properly. When the gut is unbalanced, feed cannot be digested properly and will pass through before it reaches a solid form.

Butyric acid and balancing the gut
We know a thing or two about how butyric acid can help to keep the gut balanced. Butyric acid is naturally produced in the large intestine by microbial fermentation and then functions as one of the main nutrients for colonocytes – the cells that the intestinal lining is made of. Those are the basics. The results are improved digestibility of nutrients and an improvement in the defense systems. Other gut health related benefits that have been linked to butyric acid in the gut include:
• immune modulation
• gut tissue development
• oxidative stress reduction
• control of enteric pathogens
• reduction of inflammation

The tricky thing in increasing amount of butyric acid in the gut is that it cannot be dosed directly. Adding butyric acid to the diet means it will be broken down into the stomach. You can however:
• choose feed components that improve the natural production of butyric acid in the intestine by fermentation
• ‘shield’ the butyric acid to make sure it reaches the intestines

ProPhorce™ SR is the optimal solution falling into the latter category. It contains butyric acid in its esterified form. That form does not break down until the intestines where it can then do its magic.
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