A caring team at the heart of a growing business

A great hard working team, a safe working climate and an excellent work life balance. Claudio Lehmann didn’t know it was possible–until he started working for Perstorp. ‘My colleagues really care. About each other, about our clients, about work. Just great.’ Time for a chat with this lively Perstorper.

When did you start working for Perstorp?

‘I was approached by a recruiter in 2012. I have been working in the chemical industry for more than 30 years.’

Is Perstorp very different from other companies?

Claudio Lehmann‘Absolutely. From the first interview over the phone on, I instantly felt this warm respect. Respect is what characterizes the working climate at Perstorp. We believe people perform better when they feel safe and supported. Offering a good work life balance and paying attention to employees’ health is beneficial on all levels. And it’s more fun too.’

How would you describe Perstorp as a company?

‘A very transparent company. Colleagues are easily approachable. New ideas and new perspectives are welcomed. Perstorp invests in internal communication by taking the time to inform employees about changes or decisions. Very respectful, again.’

What is your role?

‘As a Vice President, I am responsible for Animal Nutrition in South-America. Together with my team of 11 colleagues,

I develop Animal Nutrition from Brazil. South-America is a great new market, we see great opportunities and interesting opportunities. Besides being Vice President of Perstorp Animal Nutrition in South America, I´m also the Legal Representative for Perstorp Química do Brasil and take care of other business areas.'

What is your favorite moment of the day?

'I cherish the fact that I feel happy going to work in the morning to meet my colleagues. And I really enjoy celebrating achievements with my team. We work hard, but humor has its place too.’

Is there something else you would like to share?

‘I think it is important for people to know that Perstorp’s solutions contribute to a more sustainable world. Growing world population and increasing protein consumption require next generation solutions. To give a clear example: Perstorp Animal Nutrition can help to prevent antibiotic resistance because we offer solutions that support the reduction of the use of antibiotics in animal production. Antibiotics are often used as a growth promoter in South-America and end up on people’s plates. Animal Nutrition works on the more sustainable solutions society calls for. It’s exciting being part of a team with that mission.'

Claudio Lehmann