CCM: a starch rich feed

CCM or Corn Cob Mix is created by threshing corn with a dry matter content of 60-65% and subsequently grinding the grains. Because the product is often used in pig farming, the crude fiber-rich flask is not milled.

A good digestion for the pigs is the basic for healthy pigs. That is why it is important to incorporate the best and right raw materials into feed in order to maintain intestinal health in optimum condition and to stimulate growth. CCM is a special and very tasty raw material. It is easy to digest and because of its high starch content CCM ensures good and easy growth.


  • Optimal gut health
  • Very tasty product, high feed intake
  • Very easy to digest, also for young animals
  • Better muscle onset

CCM is a starch-rich feed material that can be used to replace concentrates. CCM is always ensilaged and this results in 5-8% lactic acid. In pigs and poultry, this has a positive effect on digestion and intestinal health; in combination with the high feed intake, CCM will therefore stimulate youth growth in piglets. CCM is very suitable for supplementary feeding in the farrowing stable.

CCM is best to be ensiled in a long, narrow trench silo, to be properly secured and to add an organic acid. Farm management is key to good silage. 
Airtight cover with plastic. In the case of silages, ensure a flat cutting surface and a feeding speed of 1 meter per week.

When applying the aforementioned recommendations use CCM that has been folded in up to 12 months after the ensiling. In this process you want to keep the good bacteria in and the bad ones out. You need to do this from the beginning of the process by keeping the pH low and keeping the digestibility and palatability good for FCR.   CCM can easily be re-bundled; in that case, always mix an organic acid (preservative) throughout the pit and re-silage.


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