C5 Valeric Acid Infographic

It’s time for the last of our short chain organic acid infographics! Valeric acid is the longest chained organic acid in the short chain fatty acid family. Some even call it a medium chain fatty acid. See and download C5 valeric acid infographic.

Valeric acid gets its name from the valerian plant commonly used in sleep promoting supplements, in which it is found naturally. It would be an understatement to say that as a pure acid, valeric acid is not known for its pleasant odor. In esterified form however its odor is considered pleasant and commonly used in perfumes.

Though Valeric Acid is the least used short chain fatty acid, it is also the least researched of the five. Perstorp intends to change that with the research we have done and continue to do on ProPhorce™ Valerins – our esterified valeric acid solution.

See more about this interesting acid and download the last of five fun and informative infographics about organic acids below. Click on the infographic image to download PDF.

valeric acid infographic

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