C4 n-butyric acid infographic

You may not have realized it, but chances are you’ve consumed butyric acid before, and believe it or not, your body produces it as well. See and download C4 n-Butyric acid infographic.

It’s true — butyric acid is a saturated short-chain fatty acid with a 4-carbon backbone. Butyric acid is commonly found in esterified form in animal fats and plant oils. It’s also formed in and therefore found in our colons through the bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates like dietary fiber. 

Butyric acid supports the health and healing of cells in the small and large intestine. It’s also the favored source of fuel for the cells lining the interior of the large intestine or colon. We are excited to tell you more about this extremely interesting fatty acid, please look at the fun infographic about Butyric acid!

See more about this interesting acid and download the fourth part of five fun and informative infographics about organic acids below. Click on the infographic image to download PDF.

C4 n-Butyric acid infographic

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