Five ways to improve bioplastics packaging with Capa™

The basic demand on packaging is to protect the product, but there are several other aspects that need to be considered when selecting the most suitable bioplastics. When adding Capa™ to your bioplastic formulation you can control end-of-life and improve mechanical properties. Capa™ is used as a performance enhancer in bioplastic bags, films and rigid packaging, where it offers several benefits.

Green sallad in bioplastic packaging
  1. Combining stability and biodegradability

    Enabling biodegradable packaging to remain stable and durable during use.

  2. Flexible in cold environments

    Adding superior properties, especially in low-temperature packaging, avoiding cracking and breakage.

  3. Food-friendly

    Safe to use in food packaging applications, offering grease and moisture resistant properties.

  4. Compatible biopolymer enhancer

    Offering compatibility with several biopolymers, being easy to add and process, as well as enhancing the mechanical properties of the final packaging.

  5. Fast biodegradation and certified compostable

    Capa™ for Bioplastics is stable throughout its useful life and at its end-of-life it is fully compostable in only 40 days, under the right conditions.