How to lower the climate impact of plastic materials?

In September, Lund University facilitated a panel discussion with the theme “Lowering the climate impact of plastic materials”. Perstorp’s Linda Zellner, Director Innovation, participated in the panel to discuss the issues hereof.

The panel represented both researchers from Lund University and EIT Climate-KIC Flagship program eCircular, together with industry representatives e.g. Perstorp. During the discussion, issues such as how can plastic be used better as a resource, what are the challenges of replacing fossil-based plastics and which role does digitalization play in the debate?

The panel consisted of:

Alberto Bellini, Associate Professor, University of Bologna

Holger Berg, Project Lead, Wuppertal Institute

Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Professor, Lund University

Linda Zellner, Director Innovation, Perstorp AB

Pau Huguet Ferran, Sustainability Lead Spain, Ecomatters

Peter Andersson, Managing Director, General Plastics Scandinavia

Moderator: Prof. Lars J Nilsson, Lund University

You can watch the full panel discussion below or on YouTube>>


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