Surviving the elements with Capa™ 4101

Capa™ 4101 is a unique polyol that has been developed for industrial coatings in demanding applications and extreme weather conditions.

aeroplane in tough conditions

What distinguishes Capa™ 4101 from the rest of the Capa™ range?

Like all Capa™ polyols, Capa™ 4101 is made through highly controlled ring-opening polymerisation and in this case, it is initiated by a tetrol which results in a very well-defined functionality of 4. This high, precise functionality, in combination with the well-defined molecular structure, makes it unique on the market. Since it is liquid and solvent free, it combines low VOC and high crosslink density in a coating formulation.

What does this mean for coatings?

This specific functionality makes Capa™ 4101 a very accurate tool for modifying the properties of the coating and, by adding Capa™ 4101, you can improve several mechanical properties such as impact resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Capa™ 4101 also has a low Tg, which means it stays flexible at very low temperatures. Overall, it offers good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range.

How should Capa™ 4101 be used in coating formulations?

By using just a small amount of Capa™ 4101, significant improvements in coating properties can be obtained. It can be used as a resin modifier in a conventional formulation, when partly replacing the conventional acrylic or polyester. Just by replacing a small amount of the conventional polyol with Capa™ 4101 – around 2 to 12 percent – will be enough to dramatically improve the properties of your formulation.

For which applications is Capa™ 4101 best suited?

Capa™ 4101 is ideal for 2K polyurethane applications and coatings. A typical application area in which it is well suited is aerospace coatings, as they are exposed

to a wide range of temperatures and extreme impacts. From being 10,000 feet in the air, where it is -45°C, to then landing in a desert, where it could be over 50°C.

In general, however, Capa™ 4101 is a unique and versatile product that can be used in many different types of industrial coating application area, such as windmill blades, automobiles and trains.