A word of caution for CCM, grain and cereal producers

Due to the extremely dry summer producers of grain/cereals should take proper precautions to minimize the risks of mold and microbial degradation and, learn how!

Please consider that as a consequence of the warm and dry summer, crops are ripening very early. In case of CCM, it’s dryer than normal (over 70% dry matter). It can be necessary to revise the acidification dosage. High dry matter content increases the risk of air penetration in the silage during storage, but also contributes to an increased risk of heating problems during opening and feeding.

In some fields the warm weather has also given increased levels of moldy cobs at harvesting. Particles of molds already in the feed initiate the growth of mold in a later stage. 
ProSid™ MI 531 has a strong effect against molds and will in normal conditions stop this process. However considering the increased risk of mold in this year’s very dry CCM we advize an increased dosage level to counteract this risk.

Please consider that this year requires especially good farm management practice in the production when applying the acidifier, compaction and airtight sealing of the clamp. Some short pointers:

Careful compaction, covering and weighing on top of the clamp
Proper airtight sealing in silo/plastic
Respect minimum fermentation times
When opening use as little of the silo surface as possible
Increase the dosage of min. 1-2 kg/ton

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