Award winning Pro-Environment Polyols

Perstorp is leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols for Resins, Coatings, and Synthetic Lubricants. We are the only company that can offer all three essential base polyols – Penta, TMP, Neo –in renewable grades, under the names Voxtar™, Evyron™ and Neeture™. Now awarded with a “Frost & Sullivan European Bio-Based materials product leadership award”.

Since November 2017, Perstorp has been leading the world in Pro-Environment Polyols with all three essential base polyols – Penta, TMP, Neo – in renewable grades, under the names Voxtar™ (Penta), Evyron™ (TMP) and Neeture™ (Neo). The Pro-Environment Polyols can be used in many different applications such as coatings and synthetic lubricants. 

Frost & Sullivan is a leading research organization with over two thousand analysts working on developed and emerging markets with a global footprint across 40 countries. In parallel with every research program on the various markets they track, Frost & Sullivan has a Best Practices Research Program that aims to identify exemplary achievements by companies within specific industries. When studying the bio-based chemicals and materials market and its segments - bio-plastics, bio-based coatings and bio-based adhesives and sealants- they recognize the technological innovations, superior planning and execution of new product launches and customer service provided by a company participating in the market.

Therefore, it’s with great honor we accept the Frost & Sullivan European Bio-Based Materials Product Leadership Award, for the work done so far. And this is only the beginning! 

To use the last sentences, from the article written by Frost and Sullivan, awarding Perstorp with the leadership price:

"In an environment where companies experience regulatory and economic limitations, Perstorp excels in developing leading bio-based polyols solutions with high quality and transparency. With its strong commitment to innovation and a customer-centric approach, Perstorp earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 European Product Leadership award in the bio-based materials market."

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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