New facility for purifying wastewater inaugurated in Stenungsund

Perstorp has celebrated the opening of a facility that will enable wastewater from the water treatment plant run by the municipality to be further purified and reused for cooling at the Perstorp Oxo production plant in Stenungsund. This will save 1.1 billion litres of freshwater per year and is a great step on the way towards reaching our 2030-targets for freshwater consumption.

Each of our production plants utilizes water for various purposes, including serving as a solvent for chemical reactions, a carrier for products, a heat-transfer medium, and for cooling, among other uses. The scarcity around fresh water is present everywhere in the world, and the chemical industry have the opportunity and responsibility to create solutions when it comes to reducing the freshwater consumption. Perstorp invested in this unique project in Stenungsund, Sweden, and now with this facility fully up and running we will save more than a million cubic meters of fresh water every year. This is an investment that Perstorp plan to implement at more sites around the world, in our ambition to reduce freshwater consumption.

The recycled water will be used for production of renewable hydrogen via electrolysis for Perstorp’s game changing transition project Project Air, as well as for other strategic investments. The project is a key enabler to combining business growth and sustainable development, and will empower us to ensure a future water supply for the Stenungsund plant. This will help us reach one of our sustainability targets for 2030, a 30 % decrease fresh water usage and aligns with Perstorp's long term ambition to become Finite Material Neutrality.
Stenugnsund plant seen from the nature nearby