Wellbeing of your cattle during wintertime

In the summertime you see most of the cattle outside in the grass fields for months. Most animals return to the barn just before winter time, usually around November. During this period, it is important to keep an eye on the animals, because the infection- and hygiene risks are lurking in the cold winter months, when the animals are in a warm stable.

Good animal health is a basic need for good well-being. Painful disorders such as claw problems and udder inflammation may well be a serious affect. Such disorders are called barn-related illnesses. The stable must be arranged in such a way that the chances of these health problems are limited as much as possible. For that, both the floor area, the lounger, the stable climate and the hygiene (also of the drinking water) is of high importance. In addition, facilities can also be provided to prevent health problems such as foot baths, and amenities to be able to handle sick animals, treat and recover.

In addition to the barn-related diseases that apply to everyone’s farm, to a greater or lesser extent, there is also a lot of attention nowadays for infectious diseases that only occur in some parts of the farm. The causative agents of these diseases are mainly transferred via manure and air. Young calves are extra susceptible to contamination and therefore deserve extra attention. Tackling these diseases requires another approach than the barn-related diseases. Limiting risks of introduction and the drag of germs is big importance. Especially in the layout of the farm and buildings can be taken measurements that reduce these risks.

It is important to keep your cattle healthy, if you have any questions concerning the hygiene around your barn and drinking water, please, don’t hesitate to contact us!