Propionic acid market outlook report

Tony Toebak
Tony Toebak
Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition
+31 416 317 721
Joha Renström
Johan Rehnström
Product Manager
+46 435 384 40
Animal Nutrition, Silage
28 June 2017

Perstorp foresees a continued stable growth in the demand for propionic acid in the coming five years.

“Our predictions show an increase in demand averaging 12 000 MT per annum and CAGR of 9% on a global scale” states Patricia Oddshammar, VP of the business unit Food & Feed that includes the propionic acid portfolio. The growth is predominately coming from an increase in use of feed and food preservatives.

“We see developing countries adopting to Western consumer behaviors as the main driver in the food application. For herbicides (another important application for propionic acid), we predict a decline in developed countries and growth in line with local GDP for developing countries” she continues.

Propionic acid is used as a free acid or as a sodium/calcium salt. In these applications it acts as powerful mold inhibitor. The supply of propionic acid will according to our forecast increase in the same period. We base this on previously announced expansions and expected capacity increases.

Perstorp is one of the world largest producers of short chain fatty acids, including propionic acid. We market it mainly as preservative for animal feed materials such as grain, corn and silage. 

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