One more day at the ESPN

Tony Toebak
Tony Toebak
Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition
+31 416 317 721
Animal Nutrition, Gut Health
11 May 2017

You can still meet several of Perstorp’s poultry specialists today at our sponsor booth at the European Symposium for Poultry Nutrition in Salou, Spain.

The sold-out conference is a big success with more than 1600 participants. Scientific lectures discuss the latest topics in the poultry industry such as precision feeding and gut health.

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Presentation given at ESPN 2017 

In the preface of the ESPN we launched and presented research on ProPhorce™ Valerins at our Satellite Seminar on Monday. Prof. Ducatelle and Prof. Hofacre presented their research on this innovative new molecule (a glycerol ester of valeric acid) to a very interested crowd. Portfolio director Geert Wielsma translated the results into practical advice and encouraged visitors to try ProPhorce™ Valerins in practice.

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Meeting at ESPN 2017

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