INTERVIEW: Perstorp's Tailored Approach to Preserving Total Mixed Rations

Total mixed rations (TMR) are feeds for dairy cows that are created by weighing and blending all feedstuffs into a complete ration which provides adequate nourishment for optimized performance. The feed contains highly effective levels of nutrients (energy, protein, minerals and vitamins) needed by the cow.

At the end of last year, we introduced four new products that were created specifically for optimal preservation of TMR. Highly established website interviewed Marc Kinjet about the benefits of these products and the reasoning behind their creation. You can read the full interview below, or here>>


Perstorp recently introduced four new formulas of TMR (Total Mixed Ration) preservatives in their ProMyr(TM) TMR range; one of which was presented at EuroTier 2016

Perstorp’s ProMyr™ TMR product line is based on organic acids and aims to tackle the problem of declining feed consumption in cattle when the temperature of the feed is rising.

“Total Mixed Rations are well known in the market. But we have raised the bar in this field”, Marc Kinjet, Perstorp Feed & Food Portfolio Director Preservation, said at EuroTier. “The new formulas meet the demands of the farmers. We see growing numbers of farmers coping with lower feed intake as the temperature of feed rises. Mixing ProMyr™ TMR with (TMR) feed ensures that the temperature of the feed will not increase associated with improved feed intake of the cattle”.

Shortly after EuroTier, Feedinfo News Service touched base with Marc Kinjet to get a better understanding Perstorp’s know-how in this area and of how the company is able to keep on top the issues associated with the use of TMRs.

“Both forages and by-products contain nutrients that favor the growth of specific microbes (e.g. yeast, fungi and bacteria). To make sure that the growth of microbes in the TMR is inhibited you need to be very specific and the solution needs to be adapted to the microbes being present in the TMR”, Kinjet says.

“The formulas of the new ProMyr™ TMR match the most common feed compositions in Northern Europe: feed based on grass silage, maize silage or human food by-products. We offer three liquid varieties: Standard, Flexible and Special and a dry solution for easy handling. ProMyr™ TMR offers optimal microbial protection, which means it keeps the TMR cool during feeding, reduces the growth of unwanted bacteria, molds and yeasts and it increases the palatability of feed consumption. Palatable TMR improves milk production and/or growth”, Kinjet adds.

It is common knowledge that climate conditions and the length of the growing season are extremely important factors to take into account when feeding cattle. They help determine which forages should be used. For instance, in the northern part of the world cattle rations contain less maize silage and more grass silage. Other factors which Perstorp is well aware of are the structural shifts in industrial cattle farming today, which also impact TMR feeding and feed preservation.

“The increasing size of dairy and beef cattle farms induces farmers to manage their resources (feed, labor, machinery…) in a better way. Total Mixed Rations are an important tool to make sure that cows sustain a high dry matter intake with the right balance of nutrients in order to reach a high performance”, Kinjet explains.

Perstorp claims that in its new product line the formulations of its TMRs have been improved and tested under practical conditions, to measure dry matter intake and performance.

“The development of the new product range was conducted in our own laboratory facilities in Sweden. Within our own facilities we can measure temperature developments in the different TMRs tested over time and we are able to link this to specific microbial development in the TMR”, Kinjet comments.

In addition the new ProMyr™ TMR range benefits from the success already encountered by the existing and well-established ProMyr™ silage additive range.

“As we have gained knowledge about forage and silage preservation for more than 60 years in the form of our ProMyr™ silage range we didn’t start from scratch when we developed our ProMyr™ TMR range”, Kinjet explains. “We know the most important factors that have a large impact on ruminant feed quality and we used that knowledge to develop the new range of products”.

Kinjet adds: “Although we have launched the new product range just recently the feedback from customers so far is very positive. Its main effect on improved dry matter intake, especially during warmer weather conditions, is clearly communicated back to us”.

Thanks to the new preservation formula range, Perstorp says it has gained extra competitive edge, having developed further understanding of the market, the changes and the opportunities, and combining that with its innovation capacities and Swedish values of responsibility and reliability.

“We are a global operating company and we have knowledge about market conditions from all around the world, which enables us to develop new innovative preservation products suitable to fulfill specific customer needs. Perstorp has the ambition to be the leader in preservation of raw materials and feed ingredients, as the use of TMRs is rapidly increasing. We saw another opportunity to combine our in depth knowledge of forage and grain preservation with the specific needs for TMR preservation”, Kinjet goes on to say.

Kinjet states that moving forward, his company has the ambition to grow sales volumes of ProMyr™ TMR-products rapidly in 2017, as this is the first year that the company has the products available in the market, supported by a marketing campaign that will be launched during springtime 2017.


Tony Toebak

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Tony Toebak

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