How quality silage helps growing farmers’ profitability

Animal Nutrition, Silage
9 February 2017

To prevent losses in waste and fermentation processes caused by moulds and fungi it is important to:

1. Wilt the silage in the field, chop the crop and pack it.
2. Cover the silo with plastic to prevent air from damaging the silage. 
3. Use acid based additives, f.ex. ProMyr™, to prevent yeasts and moulds from growing and destroying the silage.

ProMyr™ supports the fermentation process while preventing the silage from heating up when opening the silo. The content of Formic acid lowers the pH and saves sugar to the Lactic acid bacteria. Formic acid also prevents Butyric acid and Clostridia bacteria from making spores. This combination together with Propionic acid prevents yeasts and moulds from growing, hence resulting in better profitability for farmers.

If you would like to find out more how ProMyr™ can help you grow your profitability, please contact Lennart Wiklund!

We look forward to helping you!

field with silage promoting ProMyr
Field with silage promoting Promyr website

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