Perstorp Feed & Food joins EPCA annual meeting

Perstorp Feed & Food attended the 50th annual meeting of EPCA Budapest, Hungary represented by Patricia Oddshammar, Vice President Feed & Food. The event that attracted around 3,000 delegates acts as a platform for its members to meet, discuss ideas, challenges and business. EPCA stands short for European Petrochemical Association.

So why is this an important event for Feed & Food?

“Petrochemicals initiate our value chains and in our case we are not only a supplier of formulated feed additive solutions but also a producer of the chemistry behind the formulations” explains Patricia Oddshammar.

In addition to our feed additives we sell and market a number of the Perstorp Groups molecules such as propionic acid, butyric acid, formic acid and calcium formate. All these products are produced at Perstorp’s chemical plants.

In petrochemical plants, crude oil and natural gas are transformed into high-value materials. Today 95% of all manufactured goods, such as our organic acid based feed additives, electronics, furniture, appliances, and textiles are all based on petrochemicals.

The talk of the town at EPCA was focused on our responsibility and commitment to continue the transformation of the industry with higher resource efficiency and recyclability. Did you know that today there is in weight an estimate of nine times more plastic waste in our seas than fish?

“As Perstorp Feed & Food we are continuously looking for ideas how to enhance product lifecycles by increased convenience of products, making products more efficient, use better raw materials and offer longer lasting effects” according to Oddshammar.

Another important area is the ability to reduce waste in throughout the value chain. EPCA provides Perstorp a great platform to get inspiration and ideas for improvement in all these areas. From each other we in the industry can learn and exchange experiences.

We also put high focus on cost optimization and the carbon footprint we generate. An estimated 80% of our manufacturing cost is related to energy and our oil/natural gas feedstock. We are responsible market player and to reduce our impact on the environment is always in focus. In some cases that means higher cost but, just like any other product/service, you get what you pay for. A responsible approach is in the end of the day the best way to protect our environment.

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