Animal nutrition on the EU agenda at Fefac/Fefana conference

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
Animal Nutrition
27 June 2016

On 9 June 2016, the EU association of Specialty Feed Ingredients, their Mixtures and the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC and FEFANA) held a joint high-level EU Conference on “Innovation in Animal Nutrition” in Brussels, which attracted over 170 participants.

In the context of the feed sector’s political and economic framework, the event showcased a series of solutions that animal nutrition can provide. The program featured European Commission officials, feed industry representatives and speakers from the farming sector, academia and the banking sector.

As one of the largest suppliers of organic acid based feed additives, we need to stay on top of the latest trends and information on e.g. legislation, the reduction of antibiotics and the role of animal feed in a circular economy – as discussed at the conference. Perstorp is one of around 100 member companies of Fefana. As such we try to do our part to promote the general knowledge on specialty feed ingredients and encourage innovation throughout the value chain. At the conference FEFANA President Marco Bruni spoke for the industry as he stated the feed sector has a huge innovation potential to improve the feed efficiency of the EU livestock sector, however the regulatory approval system for the authorization of new feed additives needs speeding up.

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