Perstorp Feed & Food Customer Conference: global trends and customer needs

Last week Perstorp Feed & Food organized its first three-day customer conference. From June 7 to 9 the south of Sweden was home to important customers from Europe, US and Asia.

Devoted to success in gut health and preservation
The conference started at the beautiful location of Örenäs Castle in Sweden. Marie Grönborg, EVP Specialties & Solutions, welcomed the customers and introduced them to Perstorp, with special attention to the focus areas gut health and preservation.

FeednFood customer event June2016

Antibiotics: a tale of experience
Reducing the usage of antibiotics and effectively combatting pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella continue to be hot topics for nutritionists. Magnus Jeremiasson, DVM the Swedish Egg & Poultry Association shared experiences from the Swedish market, a country that already banned preventive use of antibiotics in 1986.

Sustainability, reliability and safety

The feed industry is an important factor to make the global food production sustainable, reliable and safe. Organic acids – as produced by Perstorp - have an important role to play in this. Karin Markides, member of the Perstorp Board of Directors and Chairman of the Swedish Council for Sustainable Development was invited to share her experiences on the subject.

Healthy animals are key for safe food production. Professor Filip van Immerseel, Gent University updated our customers about the latest research about gut health.

Kronan Feedmill, one of the world’s most modern feed mills
The customers especially appreciated the visit to one of Swedish Argo’s feed mills that is known to be amongst the most modern in the world. Its production manager Rejne Erixon explained about feed production and Swedish safety throughout the visit.

“The importance of these customer events cannot be overestimated,” states Ann-Christin Månsson, Business Development Manager Gut Health and co-organizer of the event. “It is a great opportunity to have discussions to get to know the needs of feed customers from all over the world. It help us to know what to focus on and what the customers are looking for. We hope to see everyone again on at one of our upcoming events.”

The last day some of the customers shared their experience within the feed business and Perstorp’s feed additives.

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